Adair partial closure Sunday August 7th

Greg Johnson

Hi all disc golfers,

There will be an MS Bike ride thru Adair from 9am - 1pm on Sunday August 7th.
The riders need to be able to ride all the way through the park and back out without getting hit by discs or vehicles getting in their way.

The WDGC has a work party planned for the same time frame, to clean up the course before the 2 day Willamette Open at Adair next weekend.
We should get the work party started more like 8:30 to get set up and not be a disruption to the bike ride. 

With a little feedback, I decided we should close most of the course other than holes 12-18 for the morning.
I printed the attached and will post a sign this afternoon at the hole 1 Kiosk.
I will also post a notice about the closure next weekend for the Willamette Open.

Our focus with weed whackers will be hole 5 including pushing deeper beyond the path and along the berm from the short placement.
The North side of the path to the shed could use more weed whacker attention as well.
Anyone with time, energy and a weed whacker is welcome. Someone can use my weed whacker while I direct other efforts. 
Loppers and/or hand pruning saws, pole saws are welcome too.
The growing clusters of bushes between holes 2 & 3 need the most attention and once we start cutting there will be debris to drag off.
There is poison oak to avoid or help deal with if you are not allergic to it. I yanked a bunch out from near the 9 short basket yesterday.

Alex, please repost at least some of this on FB in follow up to your prior message about the planned work party.

Thanks all,

Greg Johnson

ps. my e-mail issues of last weekend are resolved, sorry for any spam received