An update!

Robert Voss

Hello all,

My apologies that it has been long enough since I last emailed. To be honest, nothing much has been going on with WDGC to report or promote. The Tuesday leagues moved to Saturday, as we had previously discussed, and Sunday dubs is going again thanks to Alex Peters. I think we did inform about both of those things. The only tournament I have scheduled for the balance of 2021 is the bag tag finale.

The more recent news is the developing tournament schedule. Here is where that is at:
- Hoping for our annual club tournament and membership drive out at Greg's soon! His property is pretty beat up after the recent weather. Maybe we can give him a hand.
- December 18, bag tag finale, Willamette
- January 23, Ice Bowl for food Share, Willamette
- Feb 5, Festivus, Adair
- April 2(or 3, or both, tbd), April Fools Dubs, Willamette?
- June, hatching a plan for a special event... more to follow.
- July 9-10, President's Cup B-tier, Adair and TBD
- August 13-14, Willamette Open B-Tier, Adair and TBD
- August (18 or 19 or 20, TBD), Senior Games tourney, Adair
- December 17, bag tag finale, Willamette

That would put us at 5 non-sanctioned and 2 PDGA scheduled with that list, not counting bag tag finales or senior games. Pop ups were well received and attended this year even on very short notice. We can expect 2 or 3 pop up C-tier tournaments to fill in some gaps, and I am looking to add a sanctioned doubles tournament in there. Probably in that Sept/Oct blank since the President's Cup is no longer in September. 

Hope you are all doing well and getting out to throw some plastic! I have some thoughts about trying a holiday party again, but, you know, COVID... Might try to put together something small for those that would want to attend. I'll let you know :)


Robert Voss
President, Tournament Director
Willamette Disc Golf Club