Bryant Park & Waterloo Park Updates

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Regarding Waterloo, I have observed an agressive stance among local golfers, whom I assume are club members, toward litter:
More is better!
I called the group I saw on styrofoam cups they left on the course and got smartass responses and my truck whacked (no damage) with an open hand as a presumed warning. I talked to a woman camp host who said she would pass along the vehicle information to the ranger. I doubted that would happen.
One of the trucks was a large American-made extended cab. They came to the course twice--the second time bearing fast food containers they casually tossed.
Piteous, IMO, as Dave would put it.

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Date: Wednesday, May 9, 2012, 4:21 PM

Bryant - The park is now open (lower loop still closed) and is being readied for Spring activities. Played a round yesterday afternoon and had to do some navigating around mud & standing water. I was easily able to retrieve two throws that landed in water. Is it playable you ask, well yes but still could use another week of sunny weather (wear shoes you don't mind getting muddy). That being said weekly doubles will start this evening (5:45) for the spring/summer season run by Jesse Seibel, entry fee the same as Adair Doubles. Park in the far end of the softball parking lot (by hole 8 walkout).

Waterloo - Played there on Monday afternoon and the course is drying out nicely. Still some water on 4 & 6 but will be gone soon and is easy to get around. The course is a little ragged as vegetation is growing well and nothing had been mowed/trimmed yet this year. Watch out for Nettles as they are here and there, though nothing like the past. Unfortunately the course care taker for the past two years has moved away (Brandon) and the fledgling Lebanon club has not picked up the slack of picking up after disc golfers. You know one of the WDGC's favorite activities at Willamette & Adair... Really kind of a bummer for the course IMO.