Return of Festivus & the Blodgett Course

Greg Johnson

While not set up yet on discgolfscene yet until I sort out some details on players pack and trophy costs, to determine what I should charge for entry fees.

I am announcing the planned date of Saturday February 5th. This is the weekend before the Superbowl which is a week later than it has ever been with the longer NFL regular season. I will likely open up registration in late Nov/early Dec.

I don't know yet if we will be asked to move out of the oak grove and set up a winter layout again this year. I may have that to deal with in November. I'm not volunteering to do it proactively and hoping that we do not need to. If we do, I will avoid the swampy area we played through to the old practice basket location last winter..

I also plan on reopening my Blodgett Wood's course probably the week of Thanksgiving. 
It is a mess now with tons of huge yellow maple leaves coming down for the next couple of weeks.

Alex, can you repost this for me on the evil FB?