tomorrow's WDGC meeting at Woodstock's at 6:00 pm

Richard Hervey

Good Evening Golfers,

Attached is a draft agenda for tomorrow's WDGC meeting.  Thank you Everett for changing the automated message to reflect this summer's meeting time at place at Tunison Community Room.  However, the spring decision was to try out Tunison for the summer and revisit the issue in September.  The September meeting was lightly attended and those present decided to hold tomorrow's meeting at Woodstock's - where once again the location of future meetings is on the agenda.

Also of note in the agenda is nominations for officers for next year.  Please consider who you would like in our leadership roles for next year and contact them to determine if they are interested / willing to fulfill those roles.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Richard Hervey for Sean Delorhery

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