Upcoming Course Improvement Project: Pouring Concrete Tee Pads at Mary's River Park #poll-notice

Alex Peters

The club has been contacted by Kelton Orth and notified that there is work being done to install permanent concrete Tee Pads on the course at Mary's River Park.

Kelton and company have done all of the work in collaboration with the city of Philomath to excavate, level, and frame the pads where they are to be installed, and have secured sponsorship for a concrete truck to deliver on the day of.

Kelton has about 6 people lined up currently (2 with previous construction experience.) It would be really helpful to have a few other people with some concrete experience come help, and a few extra hands to assist under their supervision.

The current plan is to assemble 3 teams of 3-4 people to spread concrete, float, level, and texture. The goal is to get all 9 pads poured in one day, and the current time estimate is about 4 hours.

Kelton has not scheduled a concrete truck yet because they want to make sure they have enough helping hands to complete the project in an efficient and timely manner.

If you have the willingness, experience and tools required to make this incredible course improvement a reality, I've added a poll below with the weekends that we are looking at now.

Please vote below on the weekend that work best for you, and please shoot a reply if you have some of the necessary tools that could be shared with less specialized volunteers!


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