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Willamette Disc Golf Club Monthly Meeting - December

Meeting Minutes

Date: 4 December 2017

Location: Woodstock’s Pizza Meeting Room

Scribe: Will Mayfield

Next Meeting: 8 January 2018, 6pm, Tunison Park Community Room


Richard Hervey, Sean Delohery, Greg Johnson, Will Mayfield, Shawn Barry, Billy Gaskill, Bob Burton, John Ross, Kelly Christiansen, Mike Storrs, Mike Gibson, Ron, Everett Kaser, Bryce Downey , Ron Lee



I. Opening

Richard starts meeting at 6:03, goes over meeting style/organization

An agenda is presented, reviewed by all in meeting.

Item added to meeting agenda: Will talk about OSU after meeting place discussion.


II. Body of Meeting

Check-in: Open to all for sharing information. 

-Sean sucked at handicap, then did well and bragged about it.

-Billy is coming for him

-Mike Gibson asks to erect $250 statue to Sean, possible sarcasm

-John Ross is moving to Alpine, 17 acres property

-he’s going to sit down and shut up supposedly

-Bob: Had a nice round at Adair—Par! Old farts tag #6.

-Mike Storrs can’t par Adair


Approval of Minutes: approved with amendment:

-Mike Storrs would like to talk about maintenance on Shawn’s tractor—need on future agenda

-need mechanic to give a quote so we can vote on a price

-Shawn knows someone to do repairs for free…. Fix or replace? ~$400, Shawn will look into it.


Action item: Sean didn’t send out a request for agenda items


Richard went over the meeting agenda—not ready to make presentation about meeting location change. Also talk about online communication mode.


Pending item: John Ross’ amendment to bylaws were not drawn up yet. John Ross asked to look at bylaws and current officer roles to guide him.


Main Agenda Item: New Meeting place decision


-Richard summarized meeting place options

-See spreadsheet handout (on facebook group)

-Narrowing down the choices—coho sounds bad

-Billy proposes a motion to loosely narrow down the best 3 choices

-Also to be considered is staying at Woodstock’s

-Features needed: quiet, beer, free.

-A suggestion from Everett: staying at Woodstock’s has advantage of food and beer… could fix the sound problem with a speaker system. 

-John Ross: is beer/food needed? -Everett: yes

-Loose thumbs up for coop, woodstocks, and tunison, Richard dislikes woodstock’s, john ross says to try something else, such as tunison, out.

-Sean: try a new place for at least 2 months? 

-John Ross: can we decide tonight for next meeting only? 

-this idea is met with some agreement

-Greg: generally good with anywhere but not ones that cost $

-Mike Storrs: likes idea of oddfellows for partly selfish reasons and for minis

-Richard: Should we try Tunison a time or two, then maybe try oddfellows?

-Mike Gibson: 1 meeting should be enough.


Motion proposed (Sean) to agree to meet in January at Tunison, February at oddfellows, as well as inserting an item in the agenda for January to table futher discussion until after oddfellows.

-oddfellows is only for the second Monday of the month

Motion passed (loosely)


-Discussion on how to communicate meeting location change (Shawn)

-Bob: email, list to be sent to Will

-Facebook, etc.

-Greg Johnson: kiosks—Action item for Billy

-Action item: Sean asks Everett to clear old information off “actual” website


-Future agenda item added: (Richard?) how to encourage membership


Agenda Item: Will talked about OSU disc golf club and fundraising discs


Item: Greg went over $250 check to wilder to sponsor a hole

-$1600 in funds after that check clears

-Need $900-1000 working capital for Festivus


-Festivus was discussed—registration, disc order to be made before next meeting (Greg) 


Greenskeeper’s report, Shawn, Adair: woodchips order being worked on, hopefully before festivus for problem areas e.g. in woods, 2,3,4 based on time. 

-Shawn opens discussion for anyone who might be interested in taking over greenskeeper role, but he is open to remaining in role if not. Sean offers to put in work with Shawn directing.

-John Ross: broken board in footbridge on Adair hole 17. It’s also slick.

-Proposed safety assessment of adair/willy. Perhaps each year?

Greenskeeper’s report, Billy, Willy: Discussion on keys for baskets: Richard has keys,   Movement of baskets—how often? Billy wants feedback. 

-Sean: Scott has keys, should use in coordination with Billy. Also, we should report basket movements to the public. 

-Hole 13, Billy did walkaround, plan is to pull logs in fairway to line the edge of the fairway. 

-Hole 11 tree will be taken down, billy clearing blackberries and asks for help if possible. 


Item: Sean reported on handicap. Pulling 75 cents per buy-in for the club, 75 cents for end-of-year payout (each are 31.50 now), ace pot is 29, March 31st is finale. 


III. Closing

Pulse of the Club: Nothin’


Next agenda: Mike Storrs: Festivus needs food and volunteers

-We should also send out a request for agenda items


-Feedback on meeting: Billy likes it, agenda ahead of time is good, Sean wants to see a boardroom style.