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Willamette Disc Golf Club Meeting
June 5th, 2017. 7:00 PM

Present: Aric Baily, Shawn Barry, Bob Burton,  Kelly Christiansen, Billie Gaskill,  Bryce Downey, Greg Johnson, Ron Lee, Craig Jensen, Will Mayfield,  Zack Teusher,  Mike Storrs, (Presiding).

Treasurer (Greg). Current balance $3600 , after paying a sum of 705 dollars for liability insurance for the club.  Disc Inventory is modest currently.

Adair Greenskeeper (Shawn)   would like to have a work party sometime during Father’s Day weekend,  It would be polesaw work mostly.  Hole 3 the course is growing out in all directions and plan is to open it up.  On 16th Sean wants to bring out the self-propelled mower that he got from his dad to do some mowing outside the area covered by Parks.  This has some major (transmission) (est. 400 dollars)  repair needs before it will be ready for prime time and has a smaller need,  a drive belt (75 dollars) that will be needed before it can be used even on an intermittent basis.   Greg has a trailer that will haul it around.  Shawn would like to encourage bats by putting up some bat boxes.  Bryce offered to donate one he has.  The idea is to control mosquitoes naturally and encourage bats.

Willamette Handicap (Aric).  is thriving currently. 

Willamette Greenskeeper (Aric and Mike) Greg Alpert would like to get some mowing done.  We might be able to use Shawn’s mower. Greg wants to meet with Jude, the Parks administrator we’ve talked to, to ask if we can do some mowing ourselves.  The Rotary Club would like to do a work party at Willamette on July 8th.  They would need some club members who could help them build forms for the planned concrete tee pads.  They have an interest in making a giant course map to guide users.  So if we elect to do the tee pads that weekend, we might be able to get perhaps 10 tee pads completely done (We have enough forming material for 10 tees, so that is an “at the same time”  limit unless we buy more lumber.  Motion to spend club money to build 17 new concrete tee pads was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.  There were 11 members present and voting.  The question was raised whether we need a club-wide vote.  Impression was left that someone, probably Mike, will put out an email requesting all absent club members respond in a time-specific manner if they have any objections, otherwise the plans are to proceed in July.

 Other Business: Witham Hill Natural Area was discussed again as a potential 38 acre site which would be a nice disc golf course.

 Willamette Open TD (Ron Lee)  Mike Storrs suggested that we run a non-PDGA event called the Willamette Open as a one-day,  October 7th was identified as a potential date with no Beaver football game.  Like a Phoenix rising for the ashes, WO will return in its original form as a 1 day non-sanctioned event at Willamette Park only.  The theory is that this has been fun in the past and will be again.  We do not have to have a big fund-raising and record-keeping flurry to have a good tournament experience.

Note next month’s meeting will begin at 7 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Bob Burton, secy.