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Willamette Disc Golf Meeting
May 2nd, 2017. 7:00 PM

Present: Aric Baily, Shawn Barry, Bob Burton,  Kelly Christiansen, Billie Gaskill,  Bryce Downey, McKensie Johnson, Sierra Johnson, Greg Johnson, Bear Judge, Ron Lee, Will Mayfield,  John Ross, Mike Storrs, (Presiding).

Treasurer (Greg). Current balance is $4300.

Invitational (Greg) The tournament went well! 38 participants is a new record.  Thanks to Jim Dubay who brought chili and spotted our throws on holes 3 and 5, and to Eric Johnson and Kensie Johnson who helped with score-accounting.  Dion won the Open division, beating Eric Johnson by 2 strokes.  There were 21 club memberships paid that day.  We now have about 40 club members.  Club thanked Greg for holding this fun-centered event.   Mike expressed concern for Greg who was so busy doing management that he had little time for visiting, “milling around”, playing mini golf,  etc.  Mike would like the club members do more clerical work and give Greg more time for this.  Also help on clean-up would be appropriate.

Adair  Greenskeeper (Shawn)  Sean would like to do a work party on a Sunday.  There are cherry trees on hole 8 that Parks notices are killing a large oak.  Club will remove some 4 cherry trees which could be used for lining the trails or making some sort of bridge for access to the discs in the hole.  Nate Sexton former greenskeeper has asked that the club follow through on plans to put in an elevated basket on hole 12.  Aric suggested using railroad ties.  Billy had experience in NC making an elevated basket with a stair and platform structure that basket sits on.  Putting a mando on long hole 12 making it more of a par 4 hole is part of the plan.  Shawn will research railroad ties and talk to Jay.  Shawn will be phasing out greenskeeper activities as he and his wife get ready for next phase of their life.  Billy Gaskill volunteered to be the new Adair greenskeeper.  Mike reminded us that Adair will be closed from 18th through 20th of August when disc golf will be eclipsed.

Willamette Handicap (Aric)  started again last weekend on a very rainy day.   Aric also plans to start a handicap tournament at Adair soon.

Willamette Greenskeeper (Aric) Three weeks ago a work party cleared out brush from down trees to aid Parks in cleaning up after the big tree-falls.    Also they did some weed-eating around the pylons.  Aric would like to have another work party on the 13th, a Saturday, to do more weed-eating around trees and tee pads.  Aric would like to have a substantial raffle which is only open to people who show up for work parties.  Another task would be removing some of the “dragon’s teeth”.  Aric would like to see bigger work parties which take on more maintenance, such as cutting grass and weed-eating.   Mike and others are researching costs for replacing the remaining 17 paver pads with concrete tee-pads at Willamette.  Mike is asking for help with this.

Other Business: Willamette Open needs a TD.  Ron Lee expressed willingness to have his arm twisted to consider being the TD after he talks to his wife and attorney.

Note next month’s meeting June 5th, will begin at 7PM.

Respectfully submitted, Bob Burton, secy.