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Willamette Disc Golf Club Monthly Meeting - January Meeting Minutes

Date: 8 January 2018

Location: Tunison Park Community Room

Scribe: Will Mayfield

Next Meeting: 5 February 2018, 6pm, Oddfellow’s Hall

Present: Richard Hervey, Sean Delohery, Greg Johnson, Will Mayfield, Shawn Barry, Bob Burton, John Ross, Everett Kaser, Scott Hessel, Aric Baily, Jay Sexton, Nate Sexton, Bri Sexton, Coraline Sexton

Richard called the meeting to order at 6:08pm.

Overview of agenda.

Changes: none

Action item: Shawn/Mower: Shawn thinks it will be ~400$ per side to complete repairs to the mower. Really only needs 1 side. Cost is only for parts. Sean needs the model number to get the parts—Greg will get that. Sean offers his driveway to park the tractor.

There was a discussion of how to know when we are really voting on something, when it is necessary to hold a vote.

Festivus/Greg: Registration is moving along. Asking for volunteers—Aric is doing tee signs, Greg got the permit for the park. Greg asking for food commitments. Scott: sausage soup. Aric is bringing lots. Everett and Richard are bringing food.

Treasurer’s report: Not accounting for checks from festivus today, there is 2050$ in club account (including some from Festivus already). Half of the total is going to be spent on discs for Festivus on order (and then recouped).

Club communication discussion: See communications proposal for background. Discussion of for organizing email, and using Facebook for communication as well. Voting and email…. an avenue to email all people interested vs subgroup of voting (paid dues) members. Richard laments the state of the “webpage.” A suggestion is to transfer/update webpage content to Facebook “page.” (Not the “group”). I.e. we should sync up the page and group… Bob and Sean discuss how Facebook works. No one objected to completing these changes.

-Actions to be taken: There is a need to manage a list of voting (paying) members in—Everett will be doing this at least initially. Sean will send things out on Facebook and keep pages/groups up-to-date.

-Everett advocates for a ~2 month grace period for voting members to renew membership (pay). Discussion: need for electronic means for payment?

-Discussion of bylaws and voting… Richard asks for a consensus on the changes to communication and as it pertains to voting. He got it. Jay points out that we should record who voted for and against when voting. There was discussion about what information should be accessible to whom. It is agreed upon that a list of only names of voting members to be available to other voting members. Other information to be protected.

Greenskeeper reports:

-Shawn/Adair: Looking toward cutting off the lock on hole 6 short right (where one of the baskets is right now). It’s really stuck. John Ross has never had a lock he couldn’t clock. Everett offers help. Shawn is going to look into a new contact for wood chips.

-Billy via Sean/Willy: blackberries cleared on 11 and nearby. Wants to take out more… City plan is to do something with the tree in between 11 and 12. Gathering supplies to clean up kiosk. Will organize/update contents of kiosk, asks for ideas. Sean wishes to give it a uniform “look” with the Adair kiosk. Aric/Sean to remeasure willy, update map. Sean wants to clean up / redo the DGCR page to include some more stuff, and add items about Nate/USDGC, OSUDGC.

-Hole 1 long (par 4) needs a new collar… it got mowed over. Sean wants to get a pipes put into all of the positions’ collars. Sean(/Billy?) will ask about the city making more. John Ross points out possibility of putting a bolt in them to prevent theft. John also points about frequency of basket movement at Adair, asks for more short baskets to be used.

Pulse of the club: Sean: new young guns doing well at handicap.

-Sean wants more unity in the club. And for the club not to just work autonomously. It was a really nice speech. Looking for future agenda items:

-Everett: asks about insurance policy and whether it is up to date, Greg reassured everyone.