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February Meeting 2-12-18

Facilitator: Richard Hervey

Scribe: Will Mayfield

Present: Sean Delohery, Greg Johnson, Will Mayfield, Aric Bailey, Richard Hervey, Bob Burton, Greg O'neal, Kyle Gulan, Daniel Jones, Rob, Phillip

Meeting begain 6:09pm

Check in: New faces:

  • Greg O'neal here with the Masons to ask about organizing a tournament.
  • Kyle Gulan, officer with OSU club, brought discs to fundraise for nationals.
  • Bob Burton: likes to throw discs, former am world champ legends.
  • Tim, an Oddfellow host.
  • Phillip, likes to throw discs, and his dad Rob.
  • Aric: legend in his own mind.
  • Greg Johnson: Treasurer, part of club since inception, also manages discs, runs festivus.
  • Sean Delohery: President, etc.
  • Daniel Jones: new member, excited about the club.

Agenda Review/Modifications: Sean will give up five minutes of his time to accomodate Greg O'neal.

Announcements: Tim the Oddfellow is interested in hosting a breakfast for the group. May connect with Sean about such a breakfast before Saturday league.

Approval of Minutes: They were approved.

Action Item Review(see agenda):

  • Greg got the mower information to Shawn (Barry).
  • Shawn not present to comment on mower.
  • Everett not present, but Greg J. gave spreadsheet with members paid, action item in process.
  • Sean sent/prepared agena items.
  • Sean work on FB "Page" and "group" still in progress.
  • Sean/Aric to remeasure Willy (also Adair): Pending, there was discussion of methods.

Festivus update (Greg):

  • Scoreboards were present. Maximum participation was reached. All money collected is deposited, now at $2170 in account.
  • Some Feedback Greg J. is addressing: Scrip payout amounts not matching up well with sales prices. Perhaps in future to simplify payouts instead of strictly with PDGA spreadsheets.
  • Greg J. made a call for other feedback. Aric asks about mini baskets, some concern about difficulty of minis
  • Accolades: Bob praises the spirit, food, etc. No complaints on food, but Eric Smith didn't get food though. Maybe some way to make sure everyone gets some. Discussion on need for a food czar of sorts--food was sparse by the time last cards got in.
  • Future plans Greg has: go back to online registration so not as much day-of paying. Aric: Albany club reserves some spots for club members--suggested idea.
  • Comment by Kyle: OSU people didn't hear about Festivus until close to time. Conflict with dates happened, but was solved.
  • Online registration update: 4disc golf no longer will use 1099s, can use them more in the future(hooray)

President's Report (Sean):

  • See handout: discussion form.
  • Sean laments decreased activity even while noticing lots of energy. Notes too many individual actors, would like to increase cooperation. There is potential for course changes, improvements and perhaps new courses. Sean has club needs listed on discussion table in attachment.
  • See attachment for list.
  • Sean asks for feedback on those items to try to invigorate the club.
  • Identified need for committees to help out some key members (such as Greg J., Billy, and Shawn with their respective roles)
  • Course works and Planning Committee:
    • 1. work party schedule, something like monthly, 8-9 a year at Willy, 3-4 at Adair.
    • 2. A team: Scott Hessel, etc.
    • 3. Project Planning in general
  • Budgetary and Fundraising Committee:
    • ....see attachment.
    • Disc and Apparel sales
    • Club sponsorships from businesses
  • Promotions and Recruitment Committee:
    • Aric has plans for a rebranding--logo, etc.
    • Trying to bring in new members, etc.
    • Uniformity of Kiosks

A main goal is to get our organization looking good when heading into conversations with the city about improvements, etc.

A hope for this agenda item was for idea sharing if larger group had shown up. Sean will write up ideas and disseminate.

Richard: we should look forward to populating committees. Q: cost to join club? A: 10$/y

Greg O'neal would like to join and help with fundraising committee.

Daniel Jones spoke about connection with High Schools, etc. Richard asked to add that as an agenda item for March.

Agenda Item: Greg O. leads with a criticism of course length("too long"). Sean responds. (I'm not sure how serious this particular discussion was.)

  • Greg O. is Master of the Freemason lodge in Corvallis. Explanation of Shriners hospitals, etc. Masonic Lodge pays for transportation. Would like to organize a tournamnet with WDGC, get discs to fundraise with, and raise money for donations to the hospitals.
  • -Sean offers some of his time to work on this tourney, mentions possibility of Ice Bowl later in the year. Greg O. is hoping for a 2-day tournament to maximize number of players.
  • Greg O. hopes to make 2k in profit: 500 to WDGC, 1500 to shriners.
  • Greg J. looks at what that would put tourney fees to. Discussion of where money would need to go.
  • Sean proposes an external meeting with Greg O. to hash out details and begin fundraising.
    • -Sean will pull in others to help later.
    • -Masonic Lodge was offered as a possible meeting location.

Meeting Location Discussion: Bob asks if we could meet at Masonic Hall soon. First Monday appears to be open! We will schedule that with Greg O? Location: 306 W. Madison. Greg O. then left.

Disc Inventory (Greg/Aric):

  • Greg: Inventory is low, should we maintain it? Need someone to do sales, etc., at courses and such. Revenue has been low lately, lots of discs available elsewhere decreases demand.
  • Sean: lack of awareness of the inventory is a factor.
  • Aric: Has experience with disc orders, etc. Yes, we can't compete with PIAS, but we can get CFR discs, with club logos, etc. They are more specialty discs, more desirable... Limited amounts possible. Apparel, with sponsorships, etc. would be great--spread awareness, community, raise funds.
  • Tim: Oddfellows is interested with helping find sponsorship. Suggests getting a brochure, etc. to attract sponsors.
  • Greg J.: Reminder of course signage sponsors.
  • Kyle: OSU has back supply of discs, used and new.
  • Action item: Sean suggests Aric as some sort of disc czar.
    • -Greg will handle handover.

Check out: John Ross' absence, etc. Richard told John to not do the vice president role definition. Further discussion on whether and how to establish vice president position. Sean to contact John Ross on this issue.