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WDGC March Meeting 3-5-18

Location: Masonic Hall

Facilitator: Richard Hervey

Scribe: Will Mayfield

Present: John Ross, Sean Delohery, Will Mayfield, Greg O'neal, Daniel Jones, Eric Smith, Billy & Liam Gaskill, Scott Hessel

Next Meeting: Woodstocks, April 2 2018

Meeting begins 6:04pm

Check in:

  • NCI/Northwest doubles ran this weekend.

Agenda Review/Modifications: none


Approval of (February) Minutes: Approved with comments to include Richard's comments from last month

Action Item Review(see agenda):

  • Shawn Barry not present to comment on mower
  • Everett not present to comment on list of voting members.
  • Discussion of current voters list, and who is on it. 
  • Role of active voter list.
  • Sean:
    • Sent out call for agenda items and took note of responses
    • Sent out meeting agenda
    • Sean and Aric remeasured Willy, Aric working on updating map -plan is to post distances
    • Met with Greg O. about Masons fundraiser tournament, planning is in progress and will continue in a future meeting.
  • Billy cleaned kiosk (reported by Sean), noticed gouges/graffiti on Willy plexiglass, may ask parks about new plexiglass
  • Working group Committees discussion:
    • Need to populate (3 people per, at least?)
    • Starting with Course Works committee:
      • -Course Works committee examples of goals as laid out by Sean: to organize work parties, Scott H. interested in helping for Willy---the course needs some work: need to put in work on trees, teepads (eroision control), frame and add gravel, and teesigns!
        • -3 or 4 months per year, work on Adair, other 8-9 work on Willy
        • -looking for volunteers
        • -Scott H. interested in helping for Willy
        • -Aric asks about role of greenskeepers
          • yes they are to be consulted/ included
        • -John Ross' observations:
          • 1. possible to ask other operations than city as source for trees, willing to go around looking for trees (of course with approval of parks) and time to plant is fall, so this is a target deadline
          • 2. for toeboxes in front of teepads, suggestion to put in concrete toepad (sloping down) as opposed to gravel (which gets kicked out).
          • 3. Something I wasn't able to follow well, but safety is a concern.
        • -Course works committee volunteers: Sean, John Ross, Scott H. (Willamette? ).
        • -Committee will meet once a month outside of main meeting.
          • Action item: Sean will send a message to organize Course Works committee meeting.

Treasurer's Report: Greg J. Not present.

Greenskeeper's reports:

  • Willamette (Billy): Aric/Sean have spoken to city about expanding into new areas.
  • Discussion of 9-hole on east side of river near open field. Also, expanding near current course (pines, along the river between water and dirt path). Pending official statements, hopefully will have that soon, Aric will plan to form a committee for this plan.
  • -John Ross: concern when Greenskeepers are absent.
  • -Billy arrived late, gave the following report: Willamette (Billy): City/OSU
  • Willy work party need club members to supervise frats. Aric volunteers. March 10th. Time to be clarified, late morning. (conflict with handicap)
  • -to be done: See Billy comments, message to Sean
  • -GO: ask Acacia
  •  Adair: Greenskeeper not present?


Meeting location discussion:

  • Allowing for comments to compare the 4 locations, Richard recorded pros and cons of each.
  • Action Item: Richard will compile results of these comments--pros and cons of each location.
  • Eric Smith began a poignant comment about the importance of meetings as a social gathering to generate community, ideas, etc, with the main question of: "What do we want meetings to be?" Noting that the location decision is key for this.
  • -Idea was floated of a possibility of committee meetings in a quieter location, and general meeting in a more social setting (such as Woodstocks).
  • Billy et al.: not comfortable with voting by present group on location.
  • proposal to meet at Woodstocks next, present information about locations, and vote there. Announce intention to vote.
  • -we note that Richard is unwilling to facilitate at Woodstocks.
  • -Note: after deciding on location we can retain information gained for outside-of-meetings events, committee meetings, etc.
  • Billy motions next meeting at woodstocks, discuss, vote, and decide on location there inclusive of those neglected by the moves.
  • -discussion of motion:
  • -JR: woodstock is "Scott H. interested in helping for Willy---" (not great) -(not about the motion)
  • -Scott: possibility of more than one location is possible
  • -motion passes: only Aric opposed.
  • -Richard asks that we obtain pictures, etc. to display other locations next meeting when we decide.
  • -side note: coop meeting room does not allow alcohol

Other comments:

  • -scott H.: pin positions at willy: looking for volunteers to move them?  
  • -Aric response to Eric: agreement about committees as structured/seperate, general meeting as more general/social... but we do need to do that.
  • -JR: club needs to do work before fun    -GO: mason structure.
  • -Daniel: logos: need for new one?
  • -Sean: volunteers for recruitment and promotions committee: Daniel joins.
  • -JR: need for image? Need mission/values first. JR joins committee

Check out: 

  • The following addition was requested by members present:
    • Various people gave counter points to Eric's statements, regarding the effectiveness of the club over the last number of years.  Many confirmed that we do want retain the social aspects, but that reorientation of how things get done to improve effectiveness was the current priority. They noted that during the pros and cons discussion we would highlight how some of the other sites would benefit the socialization aspects.